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Top Notch Cheerleading with First Class Values

Too many times, parents are forced to choose between placing their child in a gym that has high family values and teaches good character OR placing their child in a national caliber gym with excellent training. You CAN have BOTH! Rebelz Cheer offers traditional values, positive role models, a family atmosphere, AND incredible training! We believe in providing a family atmosphere that teaches our students “life lessons” that will remain with them forever. Don’t settle when choosing an all-star program for your child. Give them the best training you can in cheerleading AND in life - a cutting edge program with a wholesome environment.

Rebelz Cheer offers all-star prep, show teams, and all-star teams. All teams learn a competitive cheer routine which includes cheer, tumbling, jumping, dance, and stunting. All programs at Rebelz cheer are very affordable!
All-Star Prep – Do you want to compete in the sport of All Star Cheer, but don’t want the higher time and financial commitment of a traditional all-star team? All-Star Prep teams will have one 2 hour practice (which includes tumbling) each week. Additional tumbling can be added for an additional fee. We will offer Prep teams for ALL ages and abilities this year!! If you want to continue in all-star cheer, but find school or other activities conflict, a Prep team may be perfect for you!! Less of a time and money commitment.
Show Teams - Performance teams for students ages 3-6. These teams are for younger or less experienced cheerleaders. They will have one 1 hour practice weekly. This includes some tumbling instruction but, if desired, you can add additional tumbling (for an extra fee).
Our Prep and Show teams will compete at four local competitions and one national competition giving our athletes valuable experience performing in front of nationally known judges and thousands of spectators increasing their confidence and skills throughout the year.
All-star teams- require the most time and financial commitment but bring great reward! We offer All-star teams for ages 6-18 and levels 1-4. All-star teams will practice at least 4 hours a week (this includes tumbling instruction during practice). More advanced teams will practice 5 hours including tumbling. All-star teams will compete at 7-9 competitions


$25 ANNUAL registration fee
(includes a FREE shirt!)- Due at Reg.
$50 monthly
$5 sibling discount
Session Starts January 5th


Look at these cuties.... They did such a great job this year!

Revolt Spirit Celebration Grand champs!!!!

                Cheer America Small Gym Sweep Champions!!!!


                                                          Junior Rebellion                                                    


             Mini Mayhem



   Junior Riot


                                                           Youth Chaos                                                            

2014 Cheer America National Champions!!





Contact Lori Celum for more information 512-966-7526 or rebelzcheer@gmail.com